MyTube Ranker

Type: Brave Browser + API Request
Need Proxies: Yes
License: 1 year or Source Code

License: 1 year
Version: v4.5.2 - 4th February 2023
Release: September 2014
Views Type: Real Mobile + Desktop, YouTube recommended, Channel page, Browse , Suggested, Unlisted, Search on YouTube, External, Facebook, Discord, Random, Live views API, Normal API ...
Proxy Support: Yes (autoscrape from your own url with custom timer in sec.)
Cookies: No need only if for API live views.
Multi-threaded: Yes
Useragents: Yes (Mobile, Desktop - random devices 70,000+)
Referrers: Yes (direct, external, social or custom search engine by keywords)
Fingerprints: Captcha solving, Canvas, Fonts, WebGL, Timezone, WebRTC and much more...
Multi-URL's: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (servers 2016 or win10 server 'recommended')
No. of devices: 1 PC /License (contact us for more installs for better price)

YouTube Suggested Views Demonstration

YouTube Live Stream No Browser Demonstration


I do not upload every week new video so some videos may be old date but if anyone will need I can remote to my PC and share updated versions anytime I will be free.
v4.0.0 Unlisted views, Channel views
v4.0.1: Suggested Views (custom links)
v4.0.2: Headless mode
v4.0.3: Minor bugs fixed
v4.0.4: MultiThreads Fixed
v4.0.5: Minor bugs, 2Captcha part1
v4.0.7: Minor bugs, Headless mode fixed
v4.0.8: 2Captcha implemented
v4.1.1: Smaller browser, CPU fix, Minor bugs
v4.1.3: Custom resoltution, Minor bugs
v4.1.5: Random option to use all modules
v4.3.2: Fixed many things, added new proxxy auth + all Mytube bot live + normal features views API type.
v4.3.3: Fixed scraping tranding video links, suggested views fixed.
v4.3.5: AdBlock extention added.
v4.5.1: Search Live or playlist video.
v4.5.2: Minor bugs.
BETA v5.0.0 Custom development only on demand

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy something else after I purchase this software?

Yes, you will need to buy proxies and if you like to get more live views then cookies as well.

What views does this YouTube view bot?

All features like MyTube Bot (fast http request views for Live video and Normal uploaded 'offline') + Brave browser for monetize the views undetectable real chrome type browser, external views like from Facebook or Discord or Whatup embed, search type on youtube page by keywords, or real mobil device type direct, channel page or recommended by youtube aka suggested views and much more.

Can you provide also a guide or remote help?

Yes of course, we often use Anydesk remote app to guide our newbie customers and ICQ App for live video or audio conference or use our Discord.

How long does it take my software to arrive?

Once you made order via crypto I will get notified with your email. After I will be free I send you message with license key and what to do next. You can also contact me via 24/7 Live ICQ chat, it takes usually 1h no more. If I am available of course, if not please wait until I contact you back since I may be outdoor shopping or sleeping.

Can you provide also some discount?

Discounts are made 4 officially during the year. Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine and Easter, sometimes also summer holidays. If you already a customer and you already purchased any software your next order is a 20% discount. Also please check our Affiliate page to get cheaper software and be reseller.

How many live views can this version sent?

Basic price for Mytube Bot is 199 USDT this version can send without cookies max. 500 live viewers, with cookies max. 1500. If you need extrem number of views I do sell modified script which can send 30k ot 50k live views very fast. However the price is 150,000 USDT this scrip is used by SMM Panels to send views btw...