Spotify Bot

Type: Sockets API + browser views / API account creator
Need Proxies: Yes
License: Lifetime
Type of Views: Embedded, Direct

License: Only Source Code
Version: v2.2.3 - 24th April 2023
Release: December 2019
Views: Yes
Create Accounts: Yes
Proxies: Yes (autoscrape from free scraper or your own url with custom timer in min.)
Cookies: No
Multi-threaded: Yes (up to 150)
Useragents: Yes (Mobile, Desktop - random devices + browser fingerprints)
Referrers: Yes (direct, external, social or custom search engine by keywords)
Like or Follow: Yes
Multi-URL's: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (servers 2016 or win10 server 'recommended')
No. of devices: 1 PC /License (contact us for more installs for better price)

Design UI Spotify Bot Demonstration

HTTP-Request Play Song, Follow Artist, Like Playlist Demonstration

HTTP-Request Account Creator on Fly to Follow Demonstration

I do not upload every week new video so some videos may be old date but if anyone will need I can remote to my PC and share updated versions anytime I will be free.
v2.0.0 Fixed browser, New sockets views, Fixed creator, New likes, New follow artist
v2.0.1: Minor bugs
v2.2.0: Account creator fixed, Minor bugs
v2.2.3: Minor bugs
BETA v3.0.0 Custom development only on demand
Spotify http webrequest follow and view bot


Is this pure HTTP-Reuest websockets API bot?

Yes, part of code use custom API part public API but no any secret key or developer key needed.

What does this bot do?

Follow user/artist, Follow aka Like playlist or album, play track or album or playlist.

How long the track is played?

Full length of the audio.

Can you modify the code if I need?

Yes sure, but my rates are between 35 to 60 USD per hour for custom development, it is paid in front before I start no matter of results, because every work should be paid respectfully.

Can you provide proof?
Do I need special proxies for that?

Yes and no, all instructions will be explained to you once you become customer, but the bot works also without proxies and have limit around 230 requests per 1 IP... btw

Do I need to buy spotify accounts in order bot works?

Yes and no, Yes if you want spotify followers or plays from premium accounts or your own custom, No because bot is able to create accounts automatically.