Refund Policy


The following disclaimer DBTechLabs.com by DBTechLabs.com is to all purchaser utilizing our online store and subscriptions.
By completing the purchase process you as the purchaser certify you have fully read and understood this disclaimer and accept its terms. You can not return purchased items (software) from DBTechLabs.com on this website "DBTechLabs.com", if the software is not possible to repair or it is dammaged it is as it is and therefore you have no right to full refund of any purchase you made.
For Trial period please see our FAQ page on how to get a 1 day or 1 test Trial for free before you make any purchase however we may refuse to provide a demo before purchase for any reason. DBTechLabs"DBTechLabs.com" specifically disclaims any and all warranties with respect to any and all products sold or distributed by them the safety or suitability of such products, or the results obtained whether expressed or implied including but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability.
As the purchaser you assume all risk and responsibility whatsoever for any and all losses or damages to persons or property including consequential damages arising from the use of any product or service purchased from this website, whether or not occasioned by "DBTechLabs.com" negligence or based on strict product liability or principles of indemnity or contribution. DBTechLabs "DBTechLabs.com" does not assume or authorize any person or entity to assume any liability on behalf of DBTechLabs "DBTechLabs.com" in connection with the use of any product or service.

We reserve right to ban user (the purchaser) at any time for following reasons: (insulting our stuff, bad beehive in email communications, sharing our tools to unauthorized users, trying to crack the software). There is no money back after ban.