Software Payment Methods

How Do I Get Trial?
There is currently no trial at all, after many users abused our trial we decide to not support anymore this feature.
Please note to be a good customer you need to spend money and also be a old customer so we know you are not looking to crack or report our software.

How Do I Make Payment For Software?
Currently we do accept only USDT (Tether) crypto payment because it is stable coin and doesn't drop much.
Once you decided to purchase software, send request via email or live ICQ chat and we will provide you USDT wallet to send the payment

How Do I Buy Cookies?
1500 cookies for Facebook or Youtube cost the same as the price of the software.
Check the price on sell page and the nsend payment as you sent for software via USDT.

How Do I Get My Software After Payment?
1) After you send USDT copy the transaction url from blockchain explorer.
2) Send url via email or live ICQ chat. (DO NOT USE live chat from website!)
- All contact info are written on each page of this website when you scroll down the bottom of the page.