Software Payment Methods

How Do I Get Trial?
There is currently no trial at all, but you can check some free tools I post here: GitHub Free Tools

How Do I Make Payment For Software?
Currently we do accept only USDT (Tether) crypto payment contact us for payment option.

How Do I Buy Cookies?
Feel free to contact us via Telegram Online Chat or ICQ Online Chat.

How Do I Get My Software After Payment?
After you buy it from us, once the payment will be made we contact you back and send the files so kindly wait on telegram or ICQ.

Can You Accept Paypal?
We no longer sell accept Paypal but we maybe can find other solution for you if you wish.

How to get 3 month license only?

1) Send 69.- USDT (ERC20 type network) to this wallet:

2) Send your email to activate your license + ethscan transaction ID to our Telegram

3) Kindly wait your license activation and .zip files will be sent to the Telegram you contacted us from.


If you decide to continue with final lifetime license, the amount you paid will NOT be deduced from 69 USDT !

Current Price List

1. Spotify Browser Type Bot: 199.- USDT (lifetime license)

2. Spotify Python Request Type Bot: 599.- USDT (lifetime license)

3. MyTube Ranker Ultimate Bot: 399.- USDT (lifetime license)

4. MyTube Bot: 299.- USDT (lifetime license)

5. TikTok Python Request Type Bot: 599.- USDT (lifetime license)

6. Email Scraper YouTube Bot: 149.- USDT (lifetime license)

Source Code on demand price changes all the time with the demand btw