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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

How Long Does It Take To Get License?

When we receive your order and after we review it, we will validate your product and send email. You can login to our website in members area and see your status there, this process should not take longer then 24 business hours.

Do You Have Money Back Guarantee?

No we don't provide money back guarantee and this is because we offer 3 days full trial to test the products before buying the license. If for any reason software functionality stopped working you will need to contact us, explain the issue and maybe provide remote access control to your computer, to we can see where is the issue and if needed we will fix issue by releasing new patch/update for this. Also we do not guarantee any success with our products, as third party websites, such as Youtube or Vimeo is still more deeply validating all views and other services so even if our product works 100%, they can for any other unknown reason not validate increasing or any our software functions, so think twice before you make an order or contact us for advice.

How Do I Get Free Trial?

Contact us via our Email

What Payment Method Do You Support?

We support only payment via Bank to Bank. If amount is less then 100 we can arrange PayPal but 25% fees apply. You can also use to send us money to bank Western Union online.

Will I Have Free Lifetime Updates Or It Is Paid?

Yes if your license is "Lifetime" No, if your license is "1 year" (in this case 1 year free updates as pr license). But, please be aware by life time updates, as this is same as any other software when they say "life time updates"; It is the life time of the software, not *your* lifetime. All updates and change-logs could be found in our Blog

How Many Installations Can I Made With 1 License?

Each product allows you to install 1 license per 1 computer (machine) expect if you purchased multiply licenses. If you would like to install it on another computer you will need to uninstall first your already installed software and then request via Ticket Support, replacement of your old license, IF you have the license which can request this for free. See the order page descriptions, to see if you have 1 or unlimited replacement of serial key. Also any manipulation with the core code and Reverse Engineering will immediately disable your license and you will not be able to get refund or any other copy. We can see this as our product send immediately email notification with your serial purchased, while trying to "do" anything to reverse the code.

Do I Get An Invoice?

No, but you can print your invoice by going to your members area admin panel and see your orders from there and click on icon Print.

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