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ICQ: 721958975
Support Ticket is not available.
At the moment please use our Skype.
Rules on Skype:
1. DO NOT upload or send any images or files, we don't accept those by default.
- use some picture upload website and then copy and paste the image url instead.
2. WHEN you contact us first time on Skype, please add you USERNAME registered on our website, if you don't have, create one.
- If you are already a customer and you want to help us to restore your lost account manually, please send us your Serial Number you have received, we will create for you account with this email.
Please keep in mind our working hours:
Monday - Friday: 10AM - 6PM (UTC/GMT +1 hour; Luxembourg timezone)
Also READ Skype status if it is set to: "Do not disturb" means I am working.



    Phone Call
  • +1 (334) 721-1836
  • Email Support:
  • ICQ: 721958975
  • License Server Status:
  • Server is LIVE

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