Frequently Ask Questions

How Can I Pay?

Please check our payment page and see all payment methods.

Do You Offer Refund?

We do not accept refund for any reason. IF you need proof we can show you via Teamviewer and you can see and decide. If application will stop working or gets any other issues please contact us and we will see and patch / fix the application.

What Platform Your Applications Support?

All applications are windows type and run on min. "4.5 .Net Framework". They can run also on Windows Server. However windows server needs special care and install and enable more things so we don't recommend, also window server needs more power to be able run smooth all applications and most cheap VPS doesn't have GPU graphic card so it might crash our app.

How Long Does It Take To Get License?

1h to 48h. We may not work some weekends or Sundays.

Where are you from?

From planet earth..I hope..

Is Your Applications Safe To Use?

Yes, absolutelly but sometimes Antivirus detects "virus or Trojan" this is false positive. You may read about our software protection on developers forum which cause this issue not only for our products.

Do You Offer Trial?

Due to many demands and also abuse we have removed trial option from all software. We can however remotely show you any software and proof it is not fake and show how it work live.

Do You Support Free Updates & Support?

Updates are free and also can be paid, it depends on application patch, if it is easy it will be free, if it will need rebuild main code and it will be complex we need to work additional couple of days so it must be paid at least some small amount. Support is always on the first place, we remote, we install, we show ..advice..so don't worry just be nice because we are working 24/7 and we might be frustrated and tired so try to understand.