Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a software developer?


How can you guarantee the sofware will be working?

The software always works, but sometimes needs updating, then you will have to send me a message and explain what stopped working so I could fix asap..

Can you provide also a guide or remote help?

Yes of course, we often use Anydesk remote app to guide our newbie customers and ICQ App for live video or audio conference.

How long does it take my software to arrive?

Once you made order through coinbase crypto I will get notified with your email. After I will be free I send you message with license key and what to do next. You can also contact me via 24/7 Live ICQ chat, it takes usually 1h no more. If I am available of course, if not please wait until I contact you back since I may be outdoor shopping or sleeping.

Can you provide also some discount?

Discounts are made 4 officially during the year. Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine and Easter, sometimes also summer holidays. If you already a customer and you already purchased any software your next order is a 20% discount.

Why the prices are so high?

You must understand that to keep up to date all software with only 2 hands is extremely hard and sometimes I barely sleep, so I think I deserve to be paid well. Also from my point of view the software is very cheap comparing if you go to hire some freelancer you will pay 3 or 4 times more.