What Should I do?

If you don't have enought money or your country not allow BitCoins, you can mine Bitcoin for us on your PC until you earn the money needed to purchase the tool you wish.

What 'Mining' Bitcoin means?

Mining Bitcoin means you install from the other website BitCoin miner app and run it on your PC. It will consume your computer CPU in order to mine Bitcoin. For more info please reffer in the web and search: "how to mine bitcoin" and you will see there is lot of videos and informations.

How Long Does It Take To Get Free Tool?

It depends on how strong your CPU /GPU graphics is. You can mine 10 USD /day or 1USD/day. For more info we can check and tell if you contact us via email or ICQ and tell us your PC requirements.

How Can I Get BitCoin Miner?

Please downlaod this official Bitcoin Miner and then let us know we will need to setup so it mine for us.

What Platform Miner Applications Works?

It works for Windows but if you will need for mac or linux we can find other miner too.