How Affiliate Program Works

Can I buy in bulk random application?

Yes. Once you send payment for 5 , 10 or more licenses in front, you cna then contact us and choose how many licenses per software you would like to get.

Can I also buy in bulk but to use license later?

Yes sure, there is no rush, if you have for example 3 customers and you have 10 licenses in bulk, you can resell 3 and then you will have 7 left.

Is there a timeframe to use those bulk licenses?

No, but you should resell those licenses max. in 1 year, this would be good else there is no limit for time delivery, so there is no problem at all.

Can you make some kind of "license key generator"?

No, because all license is linked to computer hwid of the user, so we can not know what is his hwid ID before.

How will I get the license keys then?

You ask your customer to provide you email + hwid ID and then we generate the license for him and send you directly, so you then send to him.

Can you remove your software brand name "dbtechlabs" and make my own?

Yes, cost for brand removal is 500EUR for max. 20 licenses.