About Us

Dear customers,
let me tell you something about me and my work as well as mission, because it is important to me that you see me not just like a creator of software but also as a reseller of Asic miners bitcoin or ethereum machines. Please check my Asic Miner site here.

All started back in the 90's when all the technology started to shine and me as young teenager I was so curious about all these new things that I started at my home building my first PC, actually it was a used second handed Lenovo Thinkpad I bought it at 200USD at this time it was a very good price since new cost 1500.
I realize I have the skills to fix this hardware from manuals and books I found at the very young age. Later on I started my first coding experience VBA Visual Basic and all this IT world become my life.
Then because my family was poor I could not afford the university as rich kids but I educated myself after YouTube came and then I already coded 9 years I build my first YouTube bot which was embedded in external site and using .swf and browser emulation I was the first who made a free YouTube Bot.


Work with heart

During the time all technology advanced and SEO become more and more important so I worked as a freelancer for another 8 years and then I created my own server from home PC and launched my first website where I offered my bots thought the PayPal API. I had Reverbantion, Soundcloud and YouTube bot.
But my journey didn't stopped in there and in 2014 I created this website where I already had 8 software and when the first crypto came in the world the game changed, but I was not until 2016 in "the game". Later on I started to buy from China suppliers many electronics and build rigs and miners was my new hobby.

Reliable services

I was really happy and very satisfied when customers made backlinks about me and I really started to think to even invest more money in this new era of crypto world. Today when Ethereum his first time this year 500 EUR I started to think the best way to made more profit will be Asic machine miners and not GPU since it become more expensive comparing to the power voltage and electricity and all that things, so my first contract with Shenzen China suppliers was a 20,000 EUR and when it comes I had to think what to do now.
This year I welcome you to my site where I decided to resell used Asic miners with high quality and not like those eBay type or Alibaba where nobody cares what they send, but me since all this is also part of my life I am giving my good name that if you buy anything from my website it will be working and it won't be damaged and more you will get 24/7 live support. So do not hesitate if you don't have crypto I do accept also many other different payment type so you are 100% secure in my site!